Lovely Maddie
Hi, my name is Emily and I am way too old for this shit. I adore Madison Nicole Ziegler with all of my heart. I used to be mydarlingmaddie
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You don't know your movies like how are we anoymous friends. You don't know she's the man? Cool points dropping. Mine are increasing. Are you sad about it?

i have seen the movie but i cant pull random quotes like that from nowhere, i can only do that with mean girls

but nah bro

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"I seeeee you through your windowww While I'm standing on a tree outsideeeee" I think I'm cooler though

that doesnt make you cool omg thats super duper creepy

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Welcome to the page for the 1st semi-annual Dance Awards!!


Our purpose in creating the semi-annual Dance Awards is for the little dancers fandom and the Dance Moms fandom to share their opinions, praise their favorite dancer(s) and studio(s), and to have fun doing so. Just some friendly competition!


April 18-20: round…

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#wooo#lets do it
Hi! I was wondering if you could check out and maybe participate in the 1st semi-annual little dancers/dance moms Dance Awards? It would mean so much and it will be tons of fun! My URL is ld-dm-danceawards. There have been 3 posts made on the blog by me, and if you scroll down to the very first post on the page, it'll tell you all about it! Hope you can take part! :)

omg yeah that sounds like a very cool idea everyone check it out!

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I could be some stalker stranger watching you reply to me from a few feet away. You never know. But I mean, you are okkkk

im home alone so unless youre secretly me cat that is untrue and pshh im aawesome

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Maddie Ziegler - Big Bow Wow - 2010

(for anon!)

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I think you know me and if you do then you know the answer to "whaddupp" is always nOthing and nAda

you *think* hhahaa of c ourse i know who you are silly but ovbiously the answer to whaddup is not ‘nothing’ but rather ‘im sending anoymous messages to the most awesome person on the internet’ dur

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Girlllllllllllll whaddup

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Maddie and Kendall being cuties

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