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Happy Birthday to...

  • A girl who is willing to put 100% in everything that she does
  • A girl who touches the hearts of millions through her dancing and emotion
  • A girl who has remained humble throughout the years, even after accomplishing so much
  • A girl who has faced so much backlash from society, but continues…

September 30, 2002: Happy Birthday Maddie! 


Since i’m terrible at making edits and gifs, I decided to make a huge collage of tweets that Maddie has received from famous people. Happy birthday Maddie Ziegler! You are Queen and i’m so proud of everything you have accomplished this year and i’m so glad more and more people are recognizing your true talent. May 12 be just as good as 11!

No More Dance Moms




The truth behind these reality TV shows never cease to astonish me. This week is the last time I am watching Dance Moms. That means I am down to 0 reality shows. The only programs I watch are 2 scripted shows: Gotham and New Girl. I really miss sit-coms and dramas not centered on murder…

Oh god forbid she didn’t receive a ballet scholarship when she was 8/9 years of age which defines her and brands her as a dancer, who doesn’t understand that? Sheesh why is she so famous popular when she’s not that talented. My god the only reason Sia liked her as a dancer/performer is because of Abby’s blatant favoritism. I mean really, Sia only adores her because of Abby it couldn’t possibly be because of her character and her work ethic. Goodness, why does Maddie keep making the same face in every single tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, etc. solo/group dance? Why did she look as though she was in so much pain during “The Game of Love,” “Maddie.” “GNO,” “Little Party,” “Money is the Root of All Evil,” “You and Me Against the World,” and every single dance she’s performed in? Why can’t people see that she just isn’t that great?

I mean honestly what does the world see in her.

—Anonymous Asked: Chloe got the partial scholarship maddie got the full :)

Okay thanks for letting me know! I always confuse the scholarships up :p


HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY MADDIE ZIEGLER - my favourite cupcake-face angel gumdrop bby, and honestly one of my biggest inspirations. In 12 short years you’ve accomplished more than most can even dream of, and I’m so so so proud. You are out of this world gorgeous, talented, dedicated, passionate, hilarious, giving, gracious, humble, sweet, and so much more. It’s been an honour watching you become the star I always knew you would be, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


A little late, but happy twelfth birthday maddie!


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